Strengths-Based Leadership Development System

Jim Clemmer and Jack Zenger outline their new partnership to bring Zenger Folkman's highly unique and very powerful strengths-based leadership development system to Canada.

In a recent large scale global survey of CEOs and senior executives 76 percent cited leadership development as important yet only 7 percent thought their organization was doing it effectively! No wonder we’ve got a leadership crisis!

There’s a blizzard of theories, opinions, arcane thesis papers, inspirational quotations, training programs, books, frameworks, and approaches to leadership. What’s sorely lacking is an integrated model that combines both “hard” management and “soft” leadership built on a base of solid research.

In this webcast Jim Clemmer and Jack Zenger outline their new partnership to bring Zenger Folkman’s highly unique and very powerful strengths-based leadership development system to Canada.

Zenger Folkman is the world’s premier provider of leadership research, assessment, development, and implementation programs. The firm is best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based system for developing extraordinary leaders and demonstrating the performance impact they have on organizations. It’s a well developed and highly proven system that works.

This webcast will feature some of the latest research just published this summer in Zenger Folkman’s newest book How to Be Exceptional: Driving Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths.

Zenger Folkman’s robust and proprietary research studies found these dramatic differences between the weakest and strongest leaders:

  • 4 – 6 times higher profits
  • 6 times higher sales revenues
  • 10 – 20 times higher levels of employee engagement
  • 3 – 4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting
  • 50% fewer employees that do leave
  • Double the satisfaction with pay and job security
  • 4 – 5 times more employees “willing to go the extra mile”
  • 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings
  • Over 3 times safer work environment

Zenger Folkman has built a uniquely powerful leadership development system using strengths-based leadership development, on a foundation of evidence-based approaches, producing a highly personalized development plan, that’s built around a best of class 360 multi-rater tool.

In this webcast Jim and Jack will cover:

Research Insights
New insights from years of ground breaking research on the impact of leadership performance and key behaviors. This has fundamentally changed the way we think about, and approach, leadership development.

How to Be Exceptional: Drive Leadership Success by Magnifying Your Strengths
Key lessons drawn from Zenger Folkman’s new book. Leading professionals and senior executives are lauding the book as “the best book on professional development in decades,” “practical how-to realities of leadership improvement,” “the next evolution in focusing on strengths,” “simple, concrete, scientifically validated model,” “invaluable to my organization,” “breakthrough milestone,”  “actionable advice,” and “innovative methodology.”

Differentiating Competencies
The 16 competencies within 5 clusters that define poor, ordinary, and extraordinary leadership performance. Highlighting the one key competency that has a direct and dramatic impact on employee engagement. This was the focus of ZF’s book The Inspiring Leader: Unlocking the Secrets of How Extraordinary Leaders Motivate.

The High Leverage of Building Strengths
Why this is the only way to become an exceptional leader. How improving just three existing strengths can raise leadership performance to the 80th percentile.

How to Create a Best of Class 360 Assessment
Why 85% of Fortune 500 companies use multi-rater 360 feedback as part of their leadership development program. Ten keys to avoiding the common pitfalls that trap many 360 feedback tools and turn the experience into a negative one.

Finding The Leadership Sweet Spot
The power of convergence when competence/strength, passion, and organizational needs overlap.

Leadership Cross-Training
When building on strengths often the best approach is to build around them. The research on using Companion Competencies as building blocks for developing a strength from good to great.

Research Evidence on Follow Up
Looking at the evidence for behavior change with no follow-up versus consistent follow-up after leadership development activities.

Why The CLEMMER Group and Zenger Folkman Are Strategic Partners
Five key reasons Jim and Jack have reconnected and their organizations are working together again.

What Makes ZF’s Leadership Development System Uniquely Powerful
Four key differences that clearly sets Zenger Folkman system apart from the pack of consulting and training companies and their approaches.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The empirically identified key leadership competencies that cause organizations to flounder or flourish.
  • Why building strengths is up to 3 times more effective than fixing weaknesses.
  • When to work on weaknesses.
  • The complex interplay of strengths, weaknesses, and performance.
  • The pivotal role of feedback in developing leadership strengths.
  • Why many 360 feedback tools are developing a negative reputation — associated with being beat up and causing defensiveness — and how to reverse this trend.
  • Aligning and multiplying each leader’s unique strengths and passion for improvement with organizational needs.
  • Research-based strength development using companion competencies, cross-training, and non-linear approaches.
  • Identifying THE key competency for development that will drive each leader’s broadest improvement for his or her personal situation.
  • Coaching, implementation follow through, and the support processes/tools to make learning stick.