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Why Overly Technical Managers Often Fail

Building on the Emotional Intelligence research to look at seemingly promising managers who fail when their technical skills become a liability.

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Why Most Change Programs and Improvement Initiatives Fail

Some change and improvement efforts have been hugely successful, others have been somewhat successful, and some ended up in the swamp. In reviewing the results, it is clear that a core number of execution problems or failure factors are common to all of the team, organization, and individual improvement efforts.

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Weak Leaders Try to Use Money as a Motivator

Pay gets people to show up for work but money is rarely an effective rallying point for high performance. Concentrate on building a culture of success and forward momentum with lots of recognition and appreciation for everyone's contributions.

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Visions Provide the Energizing Context to Reach Our Goals

Goals need to be energized and focused by the larger context of exciting visions. These paint us into the big picture and draw us forward to the future of our dreams.

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Timeless Leadership Principles in a Changing World

Today's tools have changed and our society is organized differently. But the human habits and characteristics that determine our success with today's tools and society haven't changed.

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Timeless Leadership Principles

Both management and leadership are needed to make teams and organizations successful. Trying to decide which is most important is like trying to decide whether the right or left wing is more important to an airplane's flight.

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This Crazy Period of Constant Change is Normal

First, we need to accept that our frenzied pace of change is the new "normal." Then we must help others in our company understand why this is the case and become energized by the exciting possibilities offered by change.

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Thermometer Manager or Thermostat Leader?

Thermostat leaders believe they can make a difference, they work to define and create what could be rather than just reflecting what is. Thermometer managers put the blame on their circumstances for poor results.

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Technomanagement: A Deadly Mix of Bureaucracy and Technology

Technomanaged organizations have things backwards. They are organizations where people serve the systems or processes and customers are made to fit the organization.

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Successful Change Flows from Learning, Growth, and Development

Resistance to today's change comes from failing to make yesterday's preparations and improvements. We need to deal with change by improving ourselves. Then our time of success must come.

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Successful Change and Improvement Needs Balanced Improvement Planning

Many managers confuse making changes within their organization with making changes to their organization. Both are needed. But they have to be balanced.

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Strong Leaders are the Real Deal

Strong leaders maintain a close connection between what they say and what they do. They don't try to make others into something that they are not themselves.

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Stop Managing and Start Leading

Truly good corporate leaders, know how to remove barriers between themselves and their staff.

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Steering Our Leadership Wheel

The wheel represents the circular nature of leadership – there is no beginning nor end. Each of the supporting leadership principles around the outside of the Leadership Wheel are interdependent and interconnected.

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Soft Skills, Hard Results (Part 2)

Research on emotional intelligence (EI) shows that a leader's personal characteristics and leadership competencies have a direct bearing on his or her personal performance – as well as on that of their team and organization.

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Soft Skills, Hard Results (Part 1)

Leadership deals with the world of emotions and feelings. It is of an art rather than a science. Now there is hard evidence that those "soft" leadership principles are the major factor in what makes a high-performance team or organization

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Purposeful Leaders Make Meaning

As we contribute our work to our team or organization, we also need to contribute a deeper sense of meaning or purpose. If we're going to be leaders, we need to take ourselves and ours to the Emotional and Spiritual levels.

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Persistence Goes the Distance

There are no "success secrets." However, there are success systems, success habits, and success principles applied through discipline and persistence. Failure often results from following the line of least persistence.

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People Live Up or Down to a Leader’s Expectations

The behavior we get, in those who look to us for leadership, is often shaped by the picture we have of them. They become what we expect.

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Paradoxical Balancing Acts in Organization Improvement

Too often, we see the world in narrow binary, either/or terms, but top performers look beyond either/or, to and/also. Much of life consists of two opposite and sometimes opposing forces, the key is finding a balance that's right for the conditions and circumstances.

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