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Webinar: Herd Immunity and Leadership Development

How many of these common problems with leadership development apply to your organization: Not tied to organizational strategies. Separating reflection and insight from real work. Development requires behavior change but uses unproven methods Lack of managerial involvement. Lack of measurement. Lack of follow-up and sustainment. Focused on the individual, not on leadership team and changing […]

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Webinar on 8 Critical Behaviors that Leverage Accountability

During one of my workshops we were discussing keys to building responsibility and ownership. One participant told us that he and his wife had their four year old grandson, Tyler, stay overnight at their house. In the morning he came running down the stairs and reported, “Grandma, Grandpa, somebody peed in my bed!” Kids will […]

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Succession Planning: Developing a Highly Effective Leadership Pipeline

We’re approaching a crisis point in succession planning and building leadership depth. The 2008 financial crash caused many leaders approaching retirement to put off their plans as their retirement funds sank. Organizations delayed or stopped leadership development as they switched into survival mode. Organizations are now waking up to an urgent new focus on building […]

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Live Webinar Next Week: Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?

This spring I blogged about the firestorm of debate Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman ignited with their March Harvard Business Review blog post, “Are Women Better Leaders than Men?” Their research was based on a recent survey of 7,280 leaders. The study reinforced some long held beliefs and uncovered a few surprises in the gender […]

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