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Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

One of my favorite bedtime stories as a kid was the story of Chicken Little. It’s a very old folk tale about a little chick who was hit on the head by a falling acorn. The chick believed the world was coming to an end, and set out to warn the King. “Despair springs eternal,” […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…. The Slippery Subjectivity of Reality

My last blog post explored the endlessly fascinating and puzzling conundrums posed by quantum physics. This quirky science is really challenging our understanding of reality. What really is reality? Here are observations on the topic: “Reality: (noun) all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you; ‘his world was shattered’; ‘we live in […]

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Grappling with the Science of Reality: Dreams, Illusions, and Perceptions

“Get real!” “You’re not living in the real world.” “That’s a pipe dream that’s completely out of touch with reality!” “Your delusional flights of fancy sound good but in actual fact…” “The reality of our situation is…” “Let me give you a dose of reality.” Anyone trying to stay positive and navigate these turbulent times […]

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Range of Reality: Choosing the Best or the Worst of Times

I am about one third of the way through writing my latest book. The working title is Thriving in Turbulent Times (go here for more background on it.) I am setting aside my mornings (my most creative time) – when I am not doing Client work – and weekends (I have to be careful not […]

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