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A Retreat Can Help Your Leadership Team Advance

Does a retreat help a leadership team advance? Or does a retreat mean falling behind as work piles up back at the office? We worked with a CEO to plan and run an offsite leadership and culture development session. He refused to call it a retreat. He insisted everyone refer to the session as an […]

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Harnessing the Power of an Offsite Retreat

Time away from daily operations in a management team retreat is critical to “sharpening the axe.” Having seen the powerful R & R (revitalization and renewal) emerge from dozens of offsite retreats we’ve facilitated over the decades, I used to be baffled by the fact that so many management teams don’t do them. It’s now […]

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Tips and Techniques for Reviewing, Assessing, Celebrating, and Refocusing

As you look back over the past year and forward to 2011, schedule time to get your team re-energized and re-focused when you get back to work in January. Here are a few ways to do it: Summarize Your 2010 Accomplishments – this can be done as an “Annual Report” with photos, graphs, video clips, […]

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