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Succession Planning: From Piecemeal Programs to Integrated Strategy

Studies show a growing sense of urgency for succession planning. One survey found 92% of respondents felt it was risky not to have a succession plan for key employees but only 25% of companies feel they’ve identified adequate successor candidates and less than half have a process for developing candidates. Other research shows 70% of […]

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5 Self-Assessments to Keep Your Leader Ship from Hitting the Rocks

In 1707, Great Britain lost four warships and 2,000 sailors on the rocks of the Isles of Scilly, located off the southwest coast of England. It wasn’t that the location of the rocks was unknown — the maps of the area were very clear and accurate. The problem was the ships’ location. On that dark […]

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Six Lessons in Culture Development from Zappos

Recently I delivered a keynote presentation on culture and leadership development at a senior leader’s conference. Robert Richman also spoke at the event sharing his insights and experiences as co-creator of Zappos Insights, a program for educating companies on the powerful culture of Zappos that catapulted the American online shoe retailer from a startup in […]

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How to Energize Vision, Values, and Purpose/Mission

Change is happening way too fast to predict and plan for an uncertain and unknown future. Building a quickly responsive and highly adaptive team and organizational culture is more critical than ever. The core of a built-to-change culture is an energized vision, values, and purpose/mission (it’s the hub of our “Leadership Wheel”) brimming with life […]

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Conference Board Webinar: Leadership and Culture Development for Peak Performance

The continued increase in registrations for my blog posting notifications and the steady growth in complimentary subscriptions to The Leader Letter (a monthly compilation of my biweekly blogs) leads me to believe that many readers feel they are getting more than they’re paying for from my writing. Because I am a “leadership nerd,” I quite […]

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Survey Shows Inadequate Leadership Skills Main Reason Executives Derail

I just read about the results of an OI Partners (a global talent management firm) survey with these sobering statistics; “Inadequate management skills such as leadership, motivating people, and building team work are the top reasons why executives and managers today are not working out. 65% of surveyed companies cited deficient management skills as the […]

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Beware the Vision and Mission Statement Trap of Wordsmithing Hell

Last week a reader asked for advice on the best way to craft a vision and mission statement for their organization. Beware! This could be a big trap. I often poll my speaking or workshop audiences and ask for a show of hands on how many participants’ organizations have a vision, values, or mission statement. […]

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Keys to Building a Strong Team or Organizational Culture

Whether it’s across an entire organization or with a local team, culture change is a hot issue these days. For good reason; culture trumps strategy, structure, processes, or technology. We have long defined culture as “the way we do things around here.” A team or organizational culture heavily influences what’s acceptable and unacceptable behavior. And […]

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Meetings Showcase Organizational Culture

Last week’s blog on Engage Younger Workers or Bore and Lose Them got me thinking further about how meetings most clearly showcase the organizational or even division/department’s mini-culture. I was running a two-day offsite planning retreat recently where the disconnect between the culture the leadership team wanted to build and their group behavior was huge. […]

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